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mardi, mai 31, 2005

Movie tag reloaded & fired

This Movie Tag was passed on by wg-K and as expected I share mine & pass it on to the 5 victims at the bottom of this post. Grrrrrr, hahaha!!
1. Total number of films I own on dvd/video: At least 35 DVDs and 5 videos. Only 2 videos taped from Tv, the rest original copies. Just like my music, I have no bootlegs or downloads---I oppose illegal downloads (theft) for anyone living in N. America.
2. The last film I bought: Ray, 2 weeks before the Oscars.
3.The last film I watched:
At the movies: Crash (amazing, must-see movie. Best I’ve seen this year. Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle & Larenz Tate were amazing! Am sure they’ll get at least 2 awards this yr)
-On Tv, last evening: Faith of My Fathers : The Story of Senator John McCain as a POW in Vietnam. Very moving story. Like wg-k, will add a few movies I plan on watching soon:
*At the theatre: Hustle & Flow opening late June (another great one starring Terrence Howard & Ludacris)
*On Tv or at home: Sometimes in April, as is highly recommended here by my friend Wanjiru. She admits it’s a masterpiece in the same calibre as Hotel Rwanda.
Not a movie, but more of the Kojak Tv series starring & produced by the incredible Ving Rhames (Sundays 11pm on USA Network)

4.Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: am more into music than movies but will try:)
· Malcolm X, Denzel brought the civil rights leader to life in ways I couldn’t ever imagine. Props to him, the entire cast & Spike Lee for keeping it very real (like it so much have both tape & DVD).
· Ray…what’s not to say about Jamie Foxx's masterpiece of a performance that brought the great Ray Charles Robinson to life!? The whole cast including Regina King, Larenz Tate (am a big fan!) as the young Quincy Jones, Clifton Powell, et al was just perfect. Taylor Hackford (director) did this movie the justice it deserves.
· Tupac Resurrection: There’s very little my siblings & I don’t know about the Man, the Myth & the Legend but this movie brings out the often ignored human side of Amaru Shakur. It successfully highlights his deep spiritual, emotional, and intellectual side that makes him a world-renowned figure. Forget the F-word in his music, don’t crucify him for using it on his detractors (I know I could do worse to mine). Listen to the profound, life-changing & uplifting message in his lyrics & poetry. Props to his mom Afeni & MTV’s Lauren Lazin for a job well done.
Update: Dru Ryan, a loyal fan wrote a scholarly paper on 2Pac for his class: http://classweb.gmu.edu/ajryan/pac_right.pdf
· Amistad: I am passionate about all things to do with slavery & the slave trade. This is more than a movie to me. It’s a look at human, racial relations & the prejudice that comes with them. The good & bad sides of Black & White and what should be done to harmonize relations…more than 500 yrs since the inhuman trade flourished. Plus, “Gives us free” always cracks me up:)!!
· Casino: Robert Deniro & Joe Pesci are among my most fav actors & they do a great job alongside Sharon Stone in personifying the main players in the events that led to turning Las Vegas into the “gaming capital of the world”. Many of life’s lessons in this movie too.
· Am a big fan of Mob movies, books & docudramas. Blame that on reading Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather, & The Sicilian at 14yrs old, and by 17 yrs old had twice read The Valachi Papers, The True Confessions of a Mob Leader & The Stiletto.

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal: The tag came as a surprise to me but I kinda enjoyed doing it. Hope the following don’t mind keeping it going.... so I will tag Maitha, Wanjiru, Afromusing, Adrian and Guessaurus. Enjoy & Chako!

vendredi, mai 13, 2005

Dave Chappelle: Get Back Quick, TV Sucks!! (UPDATE)

This just in: Thanks to a prompt from my friend Wanjiru [another great fun & well-wisher of Dave's:)], Dave Chappelle actually decided to head to the Motherland to get away from all the pressures & misdirection him & his one of a kind show are being put through. What a relief!! (May 16/05)
And more updates: Kudos to blogfriend Afromusing who just sent in a detailed Time Magazine article with photo of Dave in S. Africa where he talks at length about the on-going speculation. (May/17/05)

Actualisation:Grâce au signal de ma copine Wanjiru [ fan & sympathisante de Dave:)], Dave Chappelle avait décidé de s’en aller en Afrique pour s’échapper à toute préssion & distraction qu’il subit lui & son génie du show. Quel Soulagement!! (16 mai, 05)

Encore d'actuels: Remerciements à mon ami(e) de blog Afromusing, qui vient juste d’envoyer un article Time Magazine, photo de Dave inclus, celui qui explique en details actuelles. (17 mai. 05)
Y a eu jusqu'ici autant de versions que de soucis à propos de ta disparition à la télé -malgré le début de la nouvelle saison sans toi Grand Rigolo. Mais depuis qu'il nous est arrivé cette semaine que tu cherches à resourdre en Afrique du Sud tel que soit des petits problèmes (on l'espère bien) de la santé... nous nous enquétons davantage et ainsi on te souhaite une guérison rapide car: c'est toi qui nous emmènes et nous gardes à Comedy Central. Ton show, ça rigole, ça rigole!!et sans toi, il chie enorménent à la télé!
-Il faut supporter, copain!

There's been as many versions as concerns about your missing out on TV- that despite the beginning of the new season without you Funny Man! But since we got word this week that you're in S. Africa working at sorting out whatever (hopefully) little health problems you may have we're a lot more concerned and as such we wish you a speedy recovery bcoz : it's you that leads us & keeps us at Comedy Central. Your show is damn freaking funny and without you there Tv sucks big time!!
-Gotta keep your head up, homie!

samedi, mai 07, 2005

J'y Passerai de Beaux Jours

Tiré du site web de José et Marisol qui partagent avec le monde leur vue de ce beau pays en images et en sommaires très vives.
J'ai toujours voulu aller passer quelques années à Cuba pour pouvoir goûter la jouissance de la vie quotidienne, ses peuples, la danse et la musique et tout ce que offre la diversité immense de sa culture. Pour faire d'achats aux souvenirs au "Mercado de Artesania", faire promenade toute en admirant l'architecte des beaux immeubles et le plus fascinant.... rouler un cabriolet bleu foncé ou marron le long etendu du El Malecòn (cela je dois faire avant mon deces!!).
Un beau jour... et ainsi soit-il :)
NB: Le peu que j’ai pu goûter l'aventure El Malecòn c’est en conduisant le long de Lighthouse Drive à Mombasa et sur Lakeshore Drive à Chicago.

Image from Jose & Marisol's site on which they share with the world their insight into this very beautiful country via captivating images and lively captions.
Living in Cuba for a couple of years has been on my to-do-list for many years and I soon hope to have a chance to savor the true essence of it's everyday life while living among it's people. To experience their music & dance and all that brings out the great diversity in their culture; to go souvenir hunting at the "Mercado de Artesania"; take a walk & admire the architecture of the beautiful buildings; and the most exciting of all... take a drive in a dark blue or burgundy convertible on the expansive length of El Malecòn (this I gotta do before I die!).
One fine day... for shiggidy:))!

PS: The closest I've come to living the El Malecòn adventure is driving along Mombasa's Lighthouse Drive (it has some official name we don't use) and Chicago's Lakeshore Drive.