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samedi, octobre 29, 2005

Chops For Days

-Chopsticks(English): kuàizi(Chinese), hashi(Japanese), jeotgarak(Korean) -
Today is the 8th straight day since I started using chopsticks for 90% of my meals at home & whenever I eat out at Chinese joints. It all started that other Friday nite when together with T-joy(ful) , Matt & Wei we treated ourselves to a sumptous, one of a kind buffet at the finest Chinese buffet in town. Ok, my delicacy was courtesy of T-joy(ful) who was giving me a treat:)
King's Buffet might as well pay me in food for this free promotion am doing for them,lol!
(post still in progress..more English & French text coming)

We had an impromptu dinner the other day after we'd spent early evening playing a wild game of cards in the dining room. Ofcourse I suck big time at card games but I somehow managed to come out with one win. To cap off a great evening, four of us decided to make some magic in the kitchen & part of the result was this: (post still in progress..more English & French text coming) If you'd like, guess what meat we cooked in this stew, get it right & I will do/give you a photo to use on your blog:)

NB: Post to be completed on waking up but feel free to leave your 2 cents. Merci!

PS: Replies to recent comments made on previous post coming up as well.