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jeudi, janvier 05, 2006

When Sites Co-exist

Due to some technical glitches on the new site, I've had to move all content and links as well your wonderful comments to Tafsiri as I wait for moderators at Afrikblog.com figure out some issues that limited effective use of that wonderful site I am building. So for now Tafsiri will be the temp home of the new site.
NB: Tafsiri will continue to serve its intended purpose of being a mulitifaceted, bilingual blog with photos, videos and also have room for other digital multimedia I create.
Here We Go!

The fabulous songbird Vondra Harris belting out her one of a kind backup vocals for my homeboy Blitz during his farewell concert in town. More on the highly talented rapper & lyricist Blitz coming up soon. A few more pics below. On this day we went WWW i.e. World Wide Watch (lol!) by getting a full screen concert backdrop. Lucky brats we all are:)!

Ce jour-là on est apparu WWW c-à-d World Wide Watch (lol!) car on s’est jettés sur l'écran du concert. Comme on a eu de la chance, hein!? Blitz en train de nous égayer avec sa musique epatante et message profonde. Peu apres le concert il s'est amuse avec ses fans amis.

Blitz en train de nous égayer avec sa musique epatante et message profonde. Peu apres le concert il s'est amuse avec ses fans amis.
-Blitz getting us all hyped with his illest lyrics and his jewels of a message.After the concert, hanging out with his fans and friends.


Anonymous Poi said...

No more sleeping from now on...

OMG! akiey all props to your great person. This looks so amazing, trully druuummmmrooollll, I'm hugging me, hehehhehe

Off to read. 1st here...
Posted by Poi, 09 décembre 2005 à 10:27

janvier 05, 2006 8:24 AM  
Anonymous Poi said...


Congrats akiey! The pictures as always are lovely pieces.

All the best now & always.

Posted by Poi, 09 décembre 2005 à 10:33

janvier 05, 2006 8:26 AM  
Anonymous Sandman said...

Kumbe we have celebrity in our midst!

Posted by Sandman, 09 décembre 2005 à 12:32

janvier 05, 2006 8:31 AM  
Anonymous Guess said...

I swear your new site...
...is teasing me - one minute it wont let me in, the next it does, and has amazingly store my details, but heck what happened to my comment?

Anyway this is cool akiey - you know me and pictures, right? Congrats, we see you are moving along nicely (3 blogs, damn, hope that doesnt mean Marvin cannot spend quality time with u anymore coz you got more 'babies') :)

Posted by Guessaurus, 09 décembre 2005 à 12:53

janvier 05, 2006 8:35 AM  
Anonymous D.Orville said...

Loving this, love it mmmouah!!! You go boy, you're the go getter, the am "gonna do it and make it puurrfik!"
Your phots as always Akiey and how did you all get on the screen at the show. You'all hooking up with celebs so what does that make of rest of us?

Congratulations, I am proud of you. Wish you every success.

Posté par Diane Orville, 10 décembre 2005 à 12:08

janvier 05, 2006 8:36 AM  
Anonymous AfroM said...

I like!
I like! very nice.

Posted by afroM, 10 décembre 2005 à 22:34

janvier 05, 2006 8:39 AM  
Anonymous Msanii_XL said...

This dope!

This dope main man..i mess with this

Posted by MsaniiXL, 13 décembre 2005 à 00:47

janvier 05, 2006 8:40 AM  
Blogger akiey5 said...

With friends like...
With friends like you, every concert would rock from coast to coast across all nations!

Poi, You bet Cali Mami, no sleeping from now on & you know this is just the beginning of more to come. Thanks for the continuing support.
-Congrats on being here first, and we both know Guess was a very close second but the site shut her out for some reason:(

Sandman, Hehe, celeberity? Yes the ones holding the mic... am just a close friend and believer/supporter of their dreams to reach out & touch the masses.

Guess, Glad to finally have the system let you in!! I'll be stark raving maaaad if this site has glitches, let's check them & put them in check:) As always thanks a bunch, I just try a little bit with pics...more unedited pics coming here and I know you got photo edit surprises coming after you vacation.
Marvin need not worry, it's quality over quantity & this new baby is but testing ground for the Gallery set for Spring '06...

D."dot" Orville, Thanks for the props on the pics & new site. Don' forget am still loyal to my 2 other blogs though:)
Got on the concert screen by default my friend. Pure case of being @ the right place, @ the right time & with the right folks,lol!
Yeah, U know..we're all "gonna do it and make it puurrfik!"

AfroM, Thanks for visiting sisteh & you know you're always welcome back:)!

Msanii-to-tha-XL, Mess with it all you can Kijana. Props to you too for your new project it's obvious KB-Dub folks got the Internet going nuts...lol!

Posted by akiey5, 15 décembre 2005 à 01:05

janvier 05, 2006 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Nick said...

Damn Bruh

lookin very nice congrats i see u be movin on up to the east side to the deluxe website in the sky...

don't even ask where i have been to have come this late

Posted by Nick, 15 décembre 2005 à 17:30

janvier 05, 2006 8:45 AM  
Anonymous Mshairi said...

Well done, querido!

This is fabulous! Well done.

p.s. najua nimekutupa lakini sii kwa ubaya - kazi nyingi mno:)

Posted by mshairi, 18 décembre 2005 à 21:27

janvier 05, 2006 8:46 AM  
Blogger akiey5 said...

Nick, Thanks bro and you know you're welcome all the time. Yes, trying to take this Internet thing to new heights..;as far high as that deluxe apt & taking over the entire East Side:)

Nope, won't ask where you've been or what you've been upto. Will leave the sleeze section of your blog bring that on:)

Mshairi, As always, thanks for the support querida, it's good friends like you that give me the drive to keep trying new things:)

Usijali, najua kazi na maisha ndio sababu ya kuwa umepotea kidogo. Talk to you soonest:)

janvier 05, 2006 8:50 AM  
Blogger Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Great effort on the visuals. Well done.

janvier 05, 2006 1:59 PM  
Blogger mutumia said...

Aikey--- I am so proud! Good and most excellent job!

All right bro!

janvier 05, 2006 9:11 PM  
Blogger akiey5 said...

Brother Jero, Thanks for your stopping by & taking the time to go thru the photos. You're always welcome!

Mutumia, Many thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like it. Feel at home:)

janvier 09, 2006 1:17 PM  
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