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mardi, août 16, 2005

In the meantime...

I'll look far into the horizon & try to get back here & there.
Je regarderai au-delà de l'horizon & j'essayerai de me rendre ici et .

dimanche, août 07, 2005

Celebrating The Life & Legacy...

of Ibrahim Ferrer in pictures:

To celebrate the life & legacy of the legendary Cuban sonero I share with you this montage made of 3 different images (2 photos and a tour poster) showing the three good friends Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo & Ruben Gonzales together on a balcony draped with a tour banner of Ferrer's show & also having a larger-than-life b&w framed photo of the three of them in the wall behind them.
Pour célébrer la vie et le legs du fabeleux sonero cubain, je partage avec vous ce montage fait de 3 images différentes (2 photos et un fichier du tour) qui fête les trois bons amis Ibrahim Ferrer, Omara Portuondo & Ruben Gonzales, tous ensemble sur un balcon doté d’une banderole d’un concert tour de Ferrer et aussi au dernier plan, une photo de ces trois en grande format encadrée.
I also share this 2nd montage showing Ferrer in different poses & situations.
Et encore ce 2e montage qui montre Ferrer dans des poses et situations diverses.
Always the humble, soft-spoken & warm person that he was, Ibrahim Ferrera realized his life-long desire of getting his due credit recognized when the self-titled "Buena Vista Social Club" album won them a Grammy in 1997. With the platinum-selling 1999's "Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer", he took home the 2000 Latin Gammy for best new artist, an album he recorded at 70 yrs of age:)! Shortly after, his "Buenos Hermanos," won a Grammy for best traditional tropical Latin album in 2004. Truly impressive and a big inspiration to all!
Toujours homble, doux et chaleureux, Ibrahim Ferrer voit ses efforts reconnus quand l’album "Buena Vista Social Club" leur apporte un Grammy en 1997. Et il rapporte en 2000 un Latin Grammy pour meilleur nouveau artiste avec l’album de 1999-"Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer”, qu’il avait enregistré l’âge de 70 ans:)! Peu après, avec son disque "Buenos Hermanos," il gagne un Grammy en 2004 pour meilleur album traditionel tropical. Une vraie reussite aussi qu’une inspiration à tous!
Ibrahim Ferrer: biography and discography in English
Ibrahim Ferrer: discographie en francais
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Originally Posted on Aug 7, 2005: Forever, Ibrahim Ferrer (20.2.1927 - 6.8.2005)

I woke up this morning to the news that the incredibly talented Cuban crooner Ibrahim Ferrer has left us. Although I had planned to but never got to meet him, I know I will feel the loss for a long time since I always admired his talent and the wonderful music he made with his genius of a group the Buena Vista Social Club. Ferrer, the entire Buena Vista ensemble, and the late Celia Cruz, have among many other factors always been a great inspiration to my desire to soon go live in Cuba. I have blogged, written & talked about this and all who know me well know I've been serious about it since my mid-teens.

Very good friends: Ibrahim Ferrer & Ruben Gonzales
I am currently working on a tribute image as well as the text in French. For now these few words & images of Ferrer & his close song-bird friends Ruben Gonzales & Omara Portuondo should keep the candle burning. (EDIT: New pics & tribute posted above)

Ibrahim, Omara Portuondo & Ruben Gonzales

More the reason I stick to my friends like glue. Nothing as good as growing old together:)-akiey-

Tribute penned in German: http://www.shirokko.de/buena.htm