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lundi, juin 13, 2005

Book Tag: Read & Passed on

Pic is no pun on Lady Liberty but am suggesting she read smth too:)
This book-tag was passed on to me by my good friend Mshairi-the Poet. It also serves as a book meme passed to me by my other good friend Maitha-the IT/OS expert...pole I didn't get to finish the original meme but here's a lil' smth:

-# of books that you own?
I lost count a few years ago since I buy several every season.
-Last book you bought?
Tao Paths to Long Life
by Solala Tower. A book with teachings from the ancient wisdom of Tao that are “an ideal companion on the path to long life.”
-Five books that mean a lot to you?
1) The 3 holy books of the Jews, Christians & Muslims. If only humankind read them & followed accordingly…
2) This book of life thatI read daily. Still a work in progress & collaborating with the Exec. Editor has been a very interesting process.
3) La Femme Fardée by Françoise Sagan. Was the 1st French novel I read and liked immensly. Was young but liked it a lot;
4) Personal Diaries I have kept for nearly 17 yrs. Have carried with me every where I go for extended periods. Many fantabulous happenings of my life are recorded in there;
5) Roots by Alex Haley. Book that inspired the Tv series & mini-movies, It’s the most elaborate account of Africans’ journey from the Motherland, the Middle Passage & all the way to the New World-America.
-Last book(s) you've read?
, a biography of Frida Kahlo, by Hayden Herrera. It took me 2 summers to read it but am glad I did so now I can watch the movie this week:)

Pick 5 Bloggers: I hope they won't mind either:
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