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mercredi, février 28, 2007

Just Like Music

Just doing the usual as I burn the midnite oil working on a project and looking forward to K'naan-Stephen Marley-Damian Marley bringing the house down at C-town's House of Blues in March as well as Nas' concert 2 days later at the same venue. Until then...we'll keep making that good music & "we'll sing our own song' (UB40), lol!

This will remain here for just a couple days.

lundi, février 12, 2007

Xpansion and Endorsements

** Re-posted Feb 12, '07 as suggested by admin upon 'disappearance' of original post from aggregator**
Yep, we've been keeping pretty busy the past couple extended weeks and it's good to see it's been worth the effort. Greater strides made this month with more expansion into some new & little-tried avenues in this fast-growing multimedia field by concluding several endorsement agreements some of which we will feature in the various media houses thanks to CM, the new face of The Niteshift's akiey5Gallery. who will feature in a wide variety of our print, video & digital spots. Details coming up soon...

Ouais, nous étions tellement occupés ces dernières semaines et il est bien encourageant de reconnaitre qu'il valait tout l'effort. On vient de faire des réussites de plus grandes ce mois-ci y compris la croissance en des quelques formats nouvelles et peu essayées dans ce domaine à croissance rapide de multimédia en signant plusieurs accords d'approbation que nous gérons dans les médias grâce à CM, le nouveau "visage" de la marque akiey5Gallery du The Niteshift, celle qui figura dans un nombreuses de nos pubs imprimées, en video et digitalisées. Détails, dans la suite…

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