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vendredi, septembre 16, 2005

Foot The Bill

Here's another one of those dinner time insanities we get into when friends come visiting. Here's a couple of them having too much fun after getting more than two helpings of home-made biryani & other goodies. I hope this serves as a reminder that no matter how crazy & fun the situation is, somebody always has to foot the bill:)
Original dinner pic by akiey. The leg is used with permission from the digital collection of Kazzei, a fellow photo afficionado in Rome.

Voilà encore une des folies dans lesquelles on s’engage lors du diner avec des amis chez moi. Voici donc les quelques amis qui s’amusent trop après avoir pris plus deux assiettes de biryani et d’autres amuse-gueules fait à la maison. J’espère bien que cela sert comme rappel que n’importe la folie et le plaisir marrant de la situation, il faut toujours payer la note:)
Photo originale du dîner par akiey. Le pied a été utilisé avec l’autorisation de Kazzei, lui aussi un fan fou des photos à Rome.

jeudi, septembre 01, 2005

Grief: La, Al, Ms:Hurricane Katrina

I have no words to express the grief & sorrow from the destruction & loss of life following Hurricane Katrina's sweep through Louisiana & Alabama & Mississippi. My sympathies go to all affected.
And, fellow US-residents, please let's stop the freaking whining about gas prices & instead go out to help restore faith & lives in the affected areas. For heaven's sake people are dying every day & the stupid ass-holes in the media still have the nerve to complain about gas prices!?
Shame on you!

NB: All images courtesy of Yahoo news photos.
Edit(Sept 2/05): I still have friends from/about whom I have not heard, and am worried stiff. Anyone else in a similar situation, I have you in my prayers & hope our loved ones are safe somewhere.