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lundi, janvier 30, 2006

Under The Light

Following closely on the heels of Maarifa, Tafsiri marks its 1st blog anniversary today January 30,'06 with a collage I named Under The Light to refer to the party-like atmosphere in which we'd find ourselves party till yaaawn as we celebrate this day.
The collage is made up of 30 photos I have worked on and used on a variety of posts on this blog over the past one year.
Publishing in two languages has been an enjoyable experience that allows me to think, dream, interact and visualize the world from a global e-traveller's perspective. Now if only I had the words to fully describe the good that doing so in several languages does to a person...until I do I will use pics & posts.
I toast this 1st anniversary to:
-Regular visitors to this blog & especially those that urged me to transform it from an all-French blog and go bilingual. "Merci beaucoup!".
-All my teachers of French and other Foreign languages- all of them very intelligent, gifted & an inspiration in their own special ways. I am because you are :)
-Every friend who taught me even if it was one phrase in a new language...trust me I do not forget languages so let's speak in your lingo when we next meet:)
-Everyone who I have taught a foreign language, be they young or old(er). It's through teaching other that we become true masters of our crafts:)
-My siblings for seeing it worth following my footsteps & each one of them studying a foreign language and for all of them being fluent speakers of French as well. You shock & me very proud of you. Comment se fait-il cela chez nous, hein?LOL!

2ndly: am happy to announce that there's a guest post coming up shortly from a regular visitor to this blog and I also have vacancies for two more guest writers; one for Maarifa & the other for Tafsiri. If interested drop me a line (email/IM etc) . There are no strict rules basically, feel free to write & say any & everything you'd like so long as the post is accompanied by a pic of your choice or we can work together on a pic we both agree on.

Suite a la fete de Maarifa, Tafsiri fete aujourdhui son 1er anniversaire de blog aujourd’hui janvier 30, ’06 avec un collage que nomme Sous la Lumiere comme hommage a l’ambiance feriere qu’on aura en train de feter ce jour-ci.
Il compris sur le collage
photos celles que j’ai dessinne et poste en grande variete sur ce blog au cours de l’annee. M’exprimer en deux langues m’a fournit de la joie qui me me permet de penser, refelchir et agir tant que je puisse apercevoir le monde du point du vue d’un e-voyageur global. Ben, si seulement je pouvais exprimer le gout d’en faire dans les langues diverses?! ...incapable, je me sers des photos et des posts.

Je fais hommage a tous que je nomme la dessus. Merci infinimment! C’est a nous cela:

jeudi, janvier 05, 2006

When Sites Co-exist

Due to some technical glitches on the new site, I've had to move all content and links as well your wonderful comments to Tafsiri as I wait for moderators at Afrikblog.com figure out some issues that limited effective use of that wonderful site I am building. So for now Tafsiri will be the temp home of the new site.
NB: Tafsiri will continue to serve its intended purpose of being a mulitifaceted, bilingual blog with photos, videos and also have room for other digital multimedia I create.
Here We Go!

The fabulous songbird Vondra Harris belting out her one of a kind backup vocals for my homeboy Blitz during his farewell concert in town. More on the highly talented rapper & lyricist Blitz coming up soon. A few more pics below. On this day we went WWW i.e. World Wide Watch (lol!) by getting a full screen concert backdrop. Lucky brats we all are:)!

Ce jour-là on est apparu WWW c-à-d World Wide Watch (lol!) car on s’est jettés sur l'écran du concert. Comme on a eu de la chance, hein!? Blitz en train de nous égayer avec sa musique epatante et message profonde. Peu apres le concert il s'est amuse avec ses fans amis.

Blitz en train de nous égayer avec sa musique epatante et message profonde. Peu apres le concert il s'est amuse avec ses fans amis.
-Blitz getting us all hyped with his illest lyrics and his jewels of a message.After the concert, hanging out with his fans and friends.