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lundi, avril 16, 2007

Jamerikenia...For Download

Jamerikenia, the latest offering from our Niteshift imprint is now available for free download (yes... gratis!, bure!, gratuit, sin dinero! ).

This high-energy, summer fun, "get ur party & BBQ started" anthem was initially set to appear on the soundtrack for a documentary project we scheduled for mid-summer 07. It has received an unexpectedly good vybe from fellow media/music heads since it's Wed April 4th, 2007 Internet debut and it's now yours to listen to, download and share as many copies as you want with your fam & friends.

Click cover to listen and download for free

The title "Jamerikenia" is a familiar play of words denoting the national origins of these awe-inspiring artists & the track's producer i.e: Jamaica, America (USA), Kenya (Kenia in Italiano). kardinal Offishall is of dual Jamaican-Canadian nationality thus the note about the 4 countries.

- If you like the track, let us know and you keep sharing it till you run out of names.
- If you hate the track, let us know and you keep sending it to that nasty ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend of yours, lol!

PS: The Niteshift/akiey5media seeks creative folks with foreign language skills to work with on an audio book and a documentary. Email, call, IM, or Skype me soonest. Updates coming up on my Maarifa blog at: http://akiey.blogspot.com