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mardi, juillet 18, 2006


It's the seventh straight day of this war of attrition that is killing innocent Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinians.
  • Hizbolla: funded, armed and supported by Iran,
  • Israel: funded, armed and supported by the US
  • The UK, which created the Palestinian-Israeli problem after WW2 acts aloof about all this...anyway, what's new about that!?

The world watches in pain & wonder as Lebanon, Israel & Palestine are being played like pawns while the two main players in the conflict wait around like vultures. If the international community does not act fast enough then in a matter of weeks we will have another Rwanda, Cambodia or Sajarevo. We never seem to learn from our mistakes.
Until we find a lasting solution the world has to put up with lots of sh*t!

In the US we need to stop whinning like woosies always lamenting about gas prices whenever there's a conflict around the world. People are dying, maimed for life and families torn apart, worrying about gas prices is too darned stupid, selfish & 'effing Ish!!

NB: Original, undedited pics courtesy of yahoo photos via AP.

Have a conflict-free day: Think, Reflect, Act.

jeudi, juillet 13, 2006

The Real Deal

Forget what the world uses to peg your success and happiness. Real joy comes from being proud of the little you have...even if it means living a little differently from your stinking rich everyday celebrities (wink!).

Turn your speakers up, sit back and take a tour of Mac C The Pimp's MTV Crates "Homeless of Las Vegas" courtsey of MadDogMyers.

Fais pas attention à ce que se sert le monde pour égaliser ton bonheur et ton succès. Du vrai joie issue d'être fier de toute petite chose que tu possèdes, même s'il voudrait dire méner la vie un tout petit differente de tes étoiles quotidiennes les plus "bien placées" (clin!)

Cole-toi aux enceintes,reposes-toi et fais tour chez Mac C The Pimp de "Homeless of Las Vegas" MTV Crates grace à